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PROJECT | "The convinced" is a documentary film project that is structured in chapters. Each of them presents a series of particular “characters” and works with its own plot logic, as an independent and conclusive narrative unit, but thematically linked to each other.

STAGE | In post-production

SCRIPT & DIRECTION | Martin Farina

PRODUCTION | Mercedes Arias, Martin Farina



PROJECT | "Naufrago" traces the political life of Guillermo Villalobos from his arrest, his exile, and a decision that would change his life forever: to join the counteroffensive of Argentinian popular resistance against the military government, in 1979. However, the film distances itself from his testimony and tells the story from his dreams. This journey through time, which will end on the lonely beaches of Cabo Polonio, allows us to approach the most outstanding political event of the twentieth century in Argentina from a unique approach that distances itself from the historical background to approach the emotional depth that shaped the political action of that time.

STAGE | In post-production

SCRIPT, DIRECTION, PRODUCTION | Martin Farina, Guillermo Villalobos

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PROJECT | Nicolás Barsoff, a young Argentine actor of Austrian and Russian descent, must travel to Vienna to process an inheritance that his father decided to donate to him during his lifetime. This unexpected trip, however, confronts him with another type of inheritance that disturbs him. The fear of a hereditary mental illness and the tragic story of his two antagonistic grandparents: one linked to the disappearance of people in the Argentine military dictatorship, and the other one missing. Two ghostly figures of a family genealogy that Nicolás will try to reconstruct.

STAGE | In development

SCRIPT, DIRECTION, PRODUCTION | Martin Farina, Mercedes Arias

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PROJECT | Beto, Luco, El Gallego, El Tano, Tato and Juan are not people who have much in common. However, they share an unconditional bond that emerged in 1977, the year in which, by destiny, they were all called to join the Compulsory Military Service. Today, after 45 years of uninterrupted friendship, they express at first hand the contradictions of a cracked society, where political convictions are mixed with the experiences of old and survives thanks to the love that unites them.

STAGE | In development

SCRIPT & DIRECTION | Martin Farina

PRODUCER | Mercedes Arias, Martin Farina

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